Weekly Starter| Not yet over!!

Something to brighten Your week!!!

Another awesome week is here. Loaded with amazing and fantastic opportunities for us yet again. The curtains of the stage play ‘2019″ are almost drawing to a close and we might have so many projects we haven’t yet completed. Pick them up and start working again. You might feel like you have got no steam to continue, remember its always worth it at the end. So why not jump right into it again.

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Weekly starter|Transcend

Welcome to a new month everyone. My greatest desire is that you become intentional towards success daily. As it is usually said, Rome was not built in a day. This is so true, however, to me it feels like superheroes actually built it. Another classical example is Dubai, which was completely transformed in the early 21st century. However, these examples of cities are not far from many brands that we have seen flourishing and growing despite many years of there existence.

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Weekly Starter | Diversity

Growing up as a child, we are nurtured, guided and educated about life. The first introduction to the world are through our parents eyes and depending on their philosophy of life we become them. Whatever, mummy or daddy said was right, that was it. When we become teenagers, we question everything around us and become self-aware of our inner abilities to decide our future. During this period we want to be like our friends or more acceptable to our community. As a result of this, we do anything just to please others.

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