Weekly Starter| Not yet over!!

Something to brighten Your week!!!

Another awesome week is here. Loaded with amazing and fantastic opportunities for us yet again. The curtains of the stage play ‘2019″ are almost drawing to a close and we might have so many projects we haven’t yet completed. Pick them up and start working again. You might feel like you have got no steam to continue, remember its always worth it at the end. So why not jump right into it again.

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The number of college and university dropout has been rising since the establishment of educational institutions. Everyone has their own reason for dropping out of college or university. Some drop out due to financial challenges which is understandable; some due to entrepreneurship success which is good to some point; some dropout for family reasons and some dropout because they just can’t keep up or because they don’t think the need the certificate, experience or connection people make in these institutions – well, let me give you few reasons why some people can’t dropout even if they wanted to.


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