”This isn’t education” — Mental Health in Nigeria | part 3

Hello, today I’ll be talking about mental health in Nigeria, a familiar topic here. There are many things to talk about in relation to mental health in Nigeria. But today, I’ll be throwing blames at parents and the government in general. Last week, I come across a disturbing news about a school turned torture house.

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Transition: What does it mean?

As parents, raising a child is a challenge and one with a chronic illness is a whole new story, the child is in constant pain and agony, day and night – this start to become a norm even though it’s impossible to get used to it. But the people that take the most hit are the parents even though they’re not the ones in the actual pain. To be more specific mothers are mostly the ones having it the worse, they’re the ones that stays with the child during and after the crises and in most cases with the help of the fathers. But today I want to talk about the transition from parent-care to self-care.

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