This Month Discussion – No. 02: EBOLA.

Ebola Virus

Ebola is a rare disease which has remerged. Primarily, it is spread from animals to humans (Zoonotic), however, human to human transmission can occur thereafter. It is caused by Ebola virus and sometimes referred to as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). This viral disease is endemic in Sub-Saharan Africa (current an issue in DRC) and caused by 5 strains of the virus, 4 of which affect humans. Infection occurs in humans through direct contact with an infected bat, non-human primate, a sick person or a dead person infected with the virus. Bats are known reservoirs for this disease and most outbreaks are usually associated with them. Clinically, this viral disease affects many organs, damage blood vessels and the ability of the body to regulate itself, hence, it is classified as the haemorrhagic viral diseases. Also, Ebola is a highly infectious disease which causes a severe disease, deadly in both Human and animals (non-human primates).

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We have concluded that our health blog post will mainly be focused on Nigeria, while our general health post like the health awareness weeks, and months will be globally. Sometimes we will also blog about other health issues across Africa and the world not just Nigeria, our volunteers now are Nigerians (me included); they don’t have personal takes on other countries, apart from their country. However, if you want to share your story or express your health expertise you can be our guest volunteer (guest post).

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