Blood Test: why is it beneficial? – A short story.

One of the most common test physicians ask patients to go for is blood test. Also, one of the most common phobias people have is needle phobia, it is said that one out of ten people are afraid of needles or have needle phobia. There is no shame in been a needle phobic, there is nothing appealing in watching a needle penetrating the skin of a person. But today we’re talking about blood test and why it is beneficial to go for it every now and then.

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Competition|A silent killer/Advantage?

Richest Black man Aliko Dangote (L) poses for a selfie picture with Nicolas Dufourcq (R) as they leave the Elysee presidential Palace, Paris.

Everyday we live to see another day is an opportunity to dream again, remain focused and be a blessing to this world based on our uniqueness. Personally, I feel we should support each other with love and not feel embarrassed to ask for help when we need it.

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Motivation and why it’s important? – A short story.

Everyone have something that keeps them motivated and alert of their goals or objectives. Having something to motivate or keeps us in check about our objective either in life or just for the day is a good thing. And having something to look forward to after achieving a certain goal can be seen as a motivator. Today, I’ll talk about what keeps me motivated and on my toes every day.

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Transition: What does it mean?

As parents, raising a child is a challenge and one with a chronic illness is a whole new story, the child is in constant pain and agony, day and night – this start to become a norm even though it’s impossible to get used to it. But the people that take the most hit are the parents even though they’re not the ones in the actual pain. To be more specific mothers are mostly the ones having it the worse, they’re the ones that stays with the child during and after the crises and in most cases with the help of the fathers. But today I want to talk about the transition from parent-care to self-care.

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The number of college and university dropout has been rising since the establishment of educational institutions. Everyone has their own reason for dropping out of college or university. Some drop out due to financial challenges which is understandable; some due to entrepreneurship success which is good to some point; some dropout for family reasons and some dropout because they just can’t keep up or because they don’t think the need the certificate, experience or connection people make in these institutions – well, let me give you few reasons why some people can’t dropout even if they wanted to.


Thinking Out Loud: A race for quick success.

Just thinking.

In this world, everyone is looking for a way to succeed without stopping for a second to breathe and look at where the path is leading to. Yah, sometimes it feels like any minute we waste doing nothing is a minute we could have achieved that goal we were chasing or trying to find. One thing we don’t look at or think of is at what cost, our health or mental wellbeing.

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Observing through the pain – A Short Story

Always planning – a key strategy when you’ve chronic illness.

Sickle cell crises is the most terrifying, stressful and painful period of individuals with the disease. During this period, person is unable to think, act and observe any situation properly, only few people try their best not to break into tears during this period, even adults. Today we’re looking at the benefits of focusing and observing the situation (pain) at the time of crises.

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