Welcome to public health volunteers, where health issues are being diagnose, analyse, and evaluated based on personal experiences and available health evidence. Oh! Another thing, the knowledge runnel here flows in all health directions. The aim of this platform is help people understand that whatever health issues or challenges they are facing they are not alone.

A short story about me and why I created this platform. My name is Yusuf Mustapha, I’m 26 years old. I’m suffering from sickle cell disease, I’m also physically disabled, and I depend on crutches to carryout daily activities. I’m a graduate from Anglia Ruskin University, finished BSc and MSc in public health and soon to start PhD in the same field; the PhD will be on physical disability, for personal reason that I will be sharing along the road.

My passion is engaging in stuff that will help others and myself included. I have faced so many challenges related to my chronic condition and disability throughout my journey. The most challenging part is dealing with mental stress and the stigma that comes with been disabled. However, I have overcome most of these challenges through the help of friends and families. Living with chronic condition, disability or any kind of health issues is a challenge in Africa – I can testify to this. I’m a Nigerian, I grow up in a community where the only person with disability is me. I have been looked in so many ways most of which are not pleasant and sometimes when someone did or say something insulting about me I feel like losing it but the only thing I was able to do is ignore them and sometimes my brothers tend to get in-between – more on these along the way.

I created this website to help people that are going or have gone through health challenges to talk to us about their experience, or what they are going through, as consult. The aim of this platform is to provide you with support and advise on all things health related. My team of friends and I are good listeners, and we can help you by advising, counselling or consultation. All you need to do is text, call or email us. We can also chat with you on any of our social media platforms by direct messaging, you can also talk to us by sending us a WhatsApp text. Our contact details are in the contact section and on all our social media pages. You can look through the volunteer’s page to see our team and contact them in person.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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