Novel Corona virus

In December 2019, a cluster of pneumonia was observed in a a seafood and live animal market in wuhan china. The causative agent was unidentified but suspected tom be similar to 2003 SARS corona virus. Now its been named the 2019 Novel corona virus and On the 30th of January , the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global public health emergency.As a result of the virus spreading from this initial cluster to family members, other parts of china and the world.

Source CDC

As an emerging disease, the WHO is working closely with top scientists around the world to determine its origin, transmission, symptoms and mortality rate. Diagnosis is made with a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test based on its genetic composition. There is no known cure or vaccine and treatment is mainly supportive at the moment.However, treatment and vaccine are in development.

Reports of this disease has been made across all continents except Africa. However, there are a number of standard hygiene procedures that have been recommended to control and manage the disease. They include:

  • Covering mouth and noise when sneezing
  • Avoid close contacts with people that are ill
  • appropriate use of mask and personal protective equipment (especially in a healthcare setting)
  • washing hands regularly with soap and water
  • use of alcohol based hand rub
  • avoid unnecessary unprotected contact with animals
  • washing hands following contact with animals/ animal products
  • ensure thorough cooking of animal products before consumption
  • stay home if unwell
  • sick medical care early if showing symptoms of fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing and share your travel history

Ps. Because the virus is emerging, any known information about the virus might change

Aljazeera – start here.

for further information please only consult appropriate sources like the WHO and the Centres for Disease and Control (CDC)

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