Feed you mind|Transform You

Sometimes we think we would just wake up and become a brand new person. An example of this can be seen in the new year, new me kind of posts, or the endless resolutions we make each year. On this 21st day of January, a lot of people are no longer doing anything they planned to do daily this year. However, don’t give up on yourself or be an enemy to the greatness in YOU. If you don’t consciously feed your mind , your mind would still be unconsciously fed by the numerous things you hear, read or people you have around you.

What’s that thing that has been on your vision board to achieve for years. Stop beating yourself around for not achieving this all last year or the year before. Don’t try being someone else, basically , stop copying anyone. You are the standard for yourself, because , no one else can be you. Even your fingerprint shows this. Don’t choke yourself up and stop playing the pity card. It’s time to be responsible for your life. Take that step now and face your fears. It doesn’t matter where you are right now in your life, it can definitely be better. Just:

  • Step out of your fear and/or comfort zone,
  • feed your mind positively,
  • get that fiery vision in your heart (never forget who you want to become),
  • write out your plan (daily, weekly and monthly),
  • remain focused,
  • and have faith.

You change you by feeding your mind with positive things. Transform your mind, give yourself the best mental health this year and turn your life around.

Ps. The better world you seek begins with a transformed You. Much ❤❤❤

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