An open letter to sickle cell disease

Central pain receptors

Sickle cell Ln


Dear sickle cell,

I’ll ask you, how’re you? But from the quietness and calmness I’m feeling, I’ll say you’re okay. I know this is weird, writing to you out of the blue, since you’re the only one trying to stay in contact, a contact that I’m not interested in or want, — you tend to visit whenever you feel like it, or think I’m too comfortable with life. Lately, you’ve manage to stay under the radar and I appreciate it, I’m take this time to achieve a lot of things that may not be possible if you’re always around.

You’ve been playing a big role in my life, a role I didn’t gave you or approve of. Ordinarily, I’ll tell you what I’m up to but I’m sure you’ve an idea about what’s going on in my life. Anyways, I manage to finish my Bachelor and Master’s degree without your disturbance and interruption. Before I forget please keep doing what you’re doing right now, for both our sake! There are few role that you took part in without my approval.

For example, you and Mr. Disability have been the source of my anxiety, and depression, all this time. However, disability’s role in my life is different than yours. He on the other hand don’t tend to act up like you, which I appreciate very much. He has been behind the scenes, but in the middle of everything, just like you. I’ll talk to him about his issues, for now you should take a page out of Mr. Disability’s book.

One thing I don’t understand is why you are using him as a cover every time you want make an appearance and/or take the identity of other illness to mess with me. This make it hard for me to handle you or fight back. A fight I barely win every time, — which maybe you intention all along. As a friend of my said ‘’ if I end up dead, you’re coming with me; so, why risk it?

Thanks to you, I’ve been succeeding in my goals for four years now. I haven’t seen the inside of a hospital in five years, all because you’re minding your business and not disturbing, — keep it up please. In few months, I’m taking the PhD route and I’ll appreciate it if you stay where you’re, for the rest of it and maybe my life too.

P.S. My parents are really surprise about this improvement and the achievements so far. You’ve make their life a living hell from the start and it’s really nice to have some peace and quiet. It’s nice to see and feel what others are feeling, — healthy and peace of mind.

Stay away!

Yusuf Mustapha.

Check out Disability Square, the sources of the challenge, it was really nice and therapeutic expressing my feelings. Feel free to join-in, in the challenge.

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