Weekly Starter| Walk the dream

Every Monday we try to get you thinking about how to stay motivated and in this weekly starter we would like you walk you dream and not just dream of it. This is because if you don’t get started now you would never start, just start!

Unless you start you would never get started!!!

Its a good thing to get motivated, however, go beyond that. For example, imagine going for a business seminar every week and taking no actions in the required direction, what would happen? you would absolutely not see the desired result? Because even the newton’s first law of motion says it all, therefore, get out there and start or make those changes.

Anyone would advise you but they won’t walk the talk for you! You have to get out there and begin to take steps. Definitely, it won’t be easy at first because all you are doing is investing and like doing an exercise you would have pain from starting. Nevertheless, it would surely pay up at the end of the day. I have seen someone start a school and in the first year, the school had basically only 1 child, however, in the second year it has over 30 pupils. More also, the investment is still not over, it continues but it has started yielding fruits.

Remember, you have this dream and you have to believe in it. Everyone would not especially when its has been a while. But never loose hope and walk the talk where you need to. Evaluate yourself and criticise yourself constructively. If you need more training or further studies go for it. Don’t judge your success by the success of others but by your past glory.

Even if you make mistakes, learn from them and pick yourself back up immediately. Don’t give up, don’t faint, be consistent and you would definitely see results.

Ps. I love love love you!!! Walk the dream

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