Sickle Cell Awareness Month: Q&A.


 Age: 21

 Educational Qualification:  degree (Studying English and Drama)

 Marital Status:  If single, would you take into consideration the genotype of your partner before marriage? Why?


Of course, it have to be AA because I don’t want my children to feel the pain I have been through

 Hobbies: Cooking and reading for now

1.           What age were you diagnosis with sickle cell (state if you are with SS/SC/CC, etc.).

Since I was 2, I think.


2.           What event(s) preceded your diagnosis with sickle cell anaemia?

Extreme tiredness, infections, delayed growth, and episodes of pain, called pain crises.

3.           Have you ever received blood transfusion? If ‘Yes’, how many times?

YES, Can’t even say many times

4.           What has been your most memorable sickle cell ‘crises’?

Myself going to the hospital with great frequency because of a series of crises. I think

5.           How do you cope with the challenges of daily life with sickle cell disease?

I just learned that this is how I am so…

6.           Has sickle cell affected your outlook on life? If ‘Yes’, How?


7.           What do you think about sickle cell carriers getting married (to sickle cell carriers) if they knew of the risks to their offspring?

In my own thinking I don’t think they will get married if they know the pain they went through, they won’t want the same thing to their children.. if they do them this is illiteracy there is no need for this question

8.           What do you normally do when sickle cell crises prevents you from attending classes or carrying out your day-to-day activities?

Sometimes I just cry to God why me

It get to a point whereby I get used to it

9.           How do your manage or cope with your sickle cell crises?

Drink water or other fluids when your symptoms start. Staying hydrated can help you head off the worst of an attack.

Use a heating pad or take a warm it help alot.

10.        Do you have a trick up your sleeve that you use to handle your crises or prevent it from becoming severe?

I just lay on the floor but with carpet it help me with massage, acupuncture and relaxation

That is how I will fell asleep without knowing.

11.        What do you do now in term of academic (continuing with studies or working)?

Continue with studies

12.        What career are you planning or pursuing at the moment?

For now, am thinking of opening a foundation.

13.        What advice can you give to people with sickle cell disease?

I. Go to doctor a lot for check-up.

II. Get enough rest

III. Drink plenty of water.

14.        Have you ever face stigma or discrimination in regard to your disease in the community or by the general population? If ‘Yes’ please elaborate on it.


Through school

15.        Do you think the amount of awareness given to sickle cell disease is enough? Please explain your reason.


16.        What are you thought on people with sickle cell disease denying having the disease?

I don’t really know why you have to deny it when it is in your body that is who you are, you being born with it so

17.        A lot of people particularly women don’t like to talk about their condition (sickle cell disease), why is that?


Can’t really say

I have to research this question with them 😅

18.        Do you have any advice for people with sickle cell disease?

(To people without it need this)

People are born with it. It’s not contagious, so you can’t catch it from someone. Sickle cell disease is a lifelong health condition.

19.        is there anything you would like to share related to sickle cell disease (like pain management tricks among others).


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