Blood Test: why is it beneficial? – A short story.

One of the most common test physicians ask patients to go for is blood test. Also, one of the most common phobias people have is needle phobia, it is said that one out of ten people are afraid of needles or have needle phobia. There is no shame in been a needle phobic, there is nothing appealing in watching a needle penetrating the skin of a person. But today we’re talking about blood test and why it is beneficial to go for it every now and then.

People with sickle cell disease are among the individuals that undergo blood test frequently. This is mostly due to sickle cell crises or episodes. The test mostly looks at haemoglobin and iron count of people with the disease. Other things this test look at is bone quality, white blood count, and liver quality. This test is important because it tells the physicians all the necessary things, they need to know about the individual’s condition before any further care is given to the patient. People with sickle cell disease are prone to severe organs damage or failure and frequent blood test among other tests is essential to detect organ failure or damage, before it’s too late.

It’s almost time for my three months check-up and yesterday I went for a blood test ahead of my physician appointment, which is next week. Even though I’ve no history of needle phobia, every time I enter the nurse office for the test, I feel a bit of phobia in me, – I called it nurse phobia. But I don’t have problem with the nurse nor am I afraid of them. The test will check my liver function; bone density/quality; haemoglobin, iron and white blood count. Also, every six month I go for urine test, to check my kidney function. One can say, I have my engine checked every couple of months or so.

This blood test is important to me because it keeps me aware of my wellbeing. At the same time, I get informed about what I need to do, to avoid hospitalisation. So far, all the check-ups are looking good and I’m getting healthier by the day, thanks to my physicians and selfcare. The blood test has prevented so many potential severe crises that could occur if I didn’t go for the check-ups.

This month is sickle cell awareness month, and I’ll try and share as much of my condition as possible for the benefits of others. Blood test, and medical check-ups are the most important things people with sickle cell disease and other chronic illnesses need to do every few months or weeks. It may sound and looks scary but it’s significant and helps in preventing unforeseen crises or episodes. At first, I’m scared to go for medical check-ups because I’m afraid of hearing something I don’t want to hear. To-date, I haven’t heard anything I wasn’t expecting from the result of the blood test and other tests. I’m healthy and I plan to stay that way, – if you want to stay healthy consider frequent medical check-ups, you’ll never regret it.

I hope you find this beneficial, any and all though about this topic do let me know in the comments. You can also like it, if you find it informative or beneficial.

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