Motivation and why it’s important? – A short story.

Everyone have something that keeps them motivated and alert of their goals or objectives. Having something to motivate or keeps us in check about our objective either in life or just for the day is a good thing. And having something to look forward to after achieving a certain goal can be seen as a motivator. Today, I’ll talk about what keeps me motivated and on my toes every day.

Someone DM-ed and asked me ‘’what or who keeps you in check and help you achieved what you’ve now’’, this individual also added ‘’ you’ve a chronic disease and disability but yet you manage to find time to study, explore, blog and achieve your target goal’’, this person also said ‘’I’ve asthma and every time I’m outside, I’m constantly avoiding dusty environment among other things; I’ve a friend with sickle cell disease, she is constantly in hospital and only have few weeks sometime a month before she is back at the hospital, you’ve the disease too, but you’re always posting stories, and you’ve finished M.Sc. – seriously, what’s your secrete. She has reads most of your post, but is too shy to ask you any question and you’re following each other on twitter’’.

Firstly, the thing that keeps me focus and on my toes is my illness. I’m aware that there is not cure for it yet, and it can only be manage. The illness is like ticking time bomb that can go off any minute, it has little to no warning signs. But as I mentioned in previous post, by observing the pattern of the disease and what causes the crises, one can notice few signs of the crises before it occurs and try to prevent or manage it through the consumption of painkillers and staying hydrated.

Personally, I know the warning signs of my crises and notice it earlier before it start to manifest. One of my warning signs is slight back or join pains among others. And due to the lack of knowledge about when, what or how it’ll start I tend to do things ahead of time just in case. All my projects and activities are well timed and I normally free up some space in case the crises start, – I use the free time to take care of myself when I notice the signs of the disease. Whenever I use this free time and the warning signs to my advantage, the crises never happened in 90% of the case.


Lastly, I’m always online and always responding to messages on all my social media handles. There is nothing wrong with saying ‘Hi’. I’ll love to help anyone at any time, there is nothing to be shy about, it’s just a text, – in person I’m an introvert and the shyest person, behind the keyboard I’m the most talkative out there. If you’ve any question or you just want someone to talk to, I’m your guy.

We’re on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

My personal social media handles are, Twitter and Facebook – feel free to say ‘’Hi’’

Thanks for your time and I hope this explanation helps someone.

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