Never remain down| Rise

Sometimes life knocks you down, but, shake it off and get back up. Don’t stay down there waiting for someone to pat your back or help you up. I have been silently meditating on a lot of things and I realized no one actually has it all figured out. That’s why some people say don’t grow up because it is a scam.

Growing up is beautiful and we get to be who we really dreamed of becoming. It doesn’t mean that we don’t fail, rather, we keep on working towards our goal. If you want classical examples read the story of Jack Ma. I greatly admire him because he failed severally but never gave up.

The absolute truth is that no one really understands you like “YOU”. Don’t ever think anyone has it all put together cause no one knows tomorrow, just remain consistent. Sometimes we have a forecast of rain and it never rains even if the sky is cloudy. Your success lies in you facing your fears, don’t let them keep you down. Never forget that you are unique, awesome, blessed, wonderful, talented and a star. Let your light shine bright like a diamond.

Social media is not a true definition of status. It is a great platform to share your ideas and interest with people who are like minded. However, it doesn’t mean you are not good enough if you don’t get likes, shares or comment on pictures or post. Build your own community of world changers and fail forward in fulfilling your dreams. Additionally, it’s just a space to love yourself as well and create something new. Remember, not everything you see is real.

PS. You don’t have to be alone, we are here for you. Like, share, comment and chat us up on Whats App.

See you in the next post

Much Love ❤❤❤

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