The number of college and university dropout has been rising since the establishment of educational institutions. Everyone has their own reason for dropping out of college or university. Some drop out due to financial challenges which is understandable; some due to entrepreneurship success which is good to some point; some dropout for family reasons and some dropout because they just can’t keep up or because they don’t think the need the certificate, experience or connection people make in these institutions – well, let me give you few reasons why some people can’t dropout even if they wanted to.

In developing nations where education is still a privilege like Nigeria. Disadvantage individuals don’t have the luxury to decide what they want or they don’t want. Depending on the family’s educational background, independency for these people is rare and only few people have it. For example, people with disabilities in developing countries don’t have the ability to attend primary or secondary school in the same teaching environment as those without disability, but in some places only few of them have this luxury.

Those that manage to finish secondary school and manage to pass university or college entrance exams find it difficult to pay institution fees. For this reason some have to find other means to sustain their lives and that of their families. Some of these people have no other choice but to follow the street begging route (as I discussed in previous post), and because of the unequal rights practises in these developing nations getting a job is hard even for those with university qualifications as Michael has highlighted in the video.

Video by Saharatv

If we look at the challenges Michael has been facing during his educational journey. The main issue is accessibility, if he has the access and support the advantage people have, sky wouldn’t be his limit and so is everyone with disabilities or health challenges. We should start to appreciate the things we’ve and try to help those who doesn’t have what we’ve. Just because life is difficult, it doesn’t mean we should give up without trying, people like Michael and others are the reason why I always appreciate what my family have been doing for me. If everyone has the mentality of changing the world like Michael has, – the world will be a better place.

Thanks for your time!

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