Thinking Out Loud: A race for quick success.

Just thinking.

In this world, everyone is looking for a way to succeed without stopping for a second to breathe and look at where the path is leading to. Yah, sometimes it feels like any minute we waste doing nothing is a minute we could have achieved that goal we were chasing or trying to find. One thing we don’t look at or think of is at what cost, our health or mental wellbeing.

Everyone has their own reasons for trying to find to success, some do it to take care of their families and loved ones. This is a good reason, but there are some factors that need considering or taken into account. Among these factors are health and mental wellbeing. Our body can only take so much stress before it gives up or try to distress, when this happens, two scenarios come into play. For example, the body will distress temporarily by taking aspirin, Panadol or paracetamol. Secondly, if the body has been pushed too much either by having less sleep or by not take care of it properly like practicing unhealthy diet – thus resulting in hospitalisation, thereby forcing this individual to spend what they earn on their recovery.

Additionally, other people have it easy with life but they tend to try to compete with others without realising everyone has different missions, ambitions, targets and goals — to achieve success, planning and execution goes together; if one is absent, failure is inevitable.

I’m just saying, planning is key.

 In anything we do, we should plan and find execution strategy. We should all try and come up with a different and effect method to succeed in our goals. The most important thing is to consider our health and mental wellbeing in the process. In some cases where mental health isn’t in the plan, people tend to have family or relationship issues. For instance, some will work tirelessly with little to no sleep and go home to their family or loved ones and a single conversation starter can annoy them. Most of the time this has to do with their mental state; that is, their brain has been drain out and its ability to think and interpret situations is slow and sometimes inaccurate. It start to treat anything that isn’t serious as serious, a ‘’how’re you’’ can be interpreted as stupid question so it gets annoyed and response with ‘’what do you think’’; if that person has a short fuse, an argument is ignited and in worse case a fight starts.

Fight isn’t a solution to distressing.

What is the essence of trying to provide or take care of a family or loved ones when every time you come home you act like someone has punched you in the stomach? We should try and find a balance between our goals and our relationship with loved ones or family. What’s the essence of succeeding in something when you’ve no one to share that success with? We should try and take life one step at a time and try not to be blind by what other people have or achieved. Your time will come! Just be patient and take things easy. Look after your health, diet, loved ones or family and everything will start to fall into place for you. Maybe start your week with a plan and take it one step at a time. Ease into the week don’t jump into it. Take a break every now and then, it helps.

That’s it folks.

What is your outlook in life? Are you the planning kind or do you like to go with the flow? I’m the kind of person that goes with the flow and my mood for that particular day determined my productivity. I also tend not to think far into the future, hence the reason for this discussion. There is no need to race for success, everything take time, and life has no shortcut.

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