Observing through the pain – A Short Story

Always planning – a key strategy when you’ve chronic illness.

Sickle cell crises is the most terrifying, stressful and painful period of individuals with the disease. During this period, person is unable to think, act and observe any situation properly, only few people try their best not to break into tears during this period, even adults. Today we’re looking at the benefits of focusing and observing the situation (pain) at the time of crises.

It’s hard to focus during a normal stressful situation and at the time of illness is unimaginable. Because of this, some people tend to worsen their crises by trying to do anything to reduce the pain or feel a bit of relieve. For instance, there was a time I was having a painful priapism and decided to apply a heat pain relief cream, the feel of dying is understatement, it was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

Since then, I learnt to think things through before making a stupid decision. After this tragic experience and deciding to have a bit of independency at the time of any sickle cell crises, I decided to be an expert of my own sickness and observe my routine carefully to find where thinks start to go wrong. Depending on individual body, some can just sit or lie in a position and find comfort as well as relief pain, however other may need hospital care to get relieved from the pain.

When I started to observe my condition and what cause it, I learnt that the disease prepare normal and steady climate (that is, not too cold or hot), and during crises panicking isn’t a solution. It only makes matters worse, at least for me. I realised this by observing and recording the severity of all my crises for a long period of time, just so I can find ways to avoid each episode. I’ve gotten many significant outcomes one of which is not panicking or stressing myself during the crises. Well not panicking or stressing myself during this period is a challenge and hard to do, especially when the entire episode consist of continues pain and agony.

Whenever my crises started, I tried my best to concentrate on something other than the pain, at the same time tried not to panic or stress myself. Honestly, not panicking and self-stress help about 60% of the time which is a good improvement. Because of this, I’ve the energy to take myself to a hospital or pharmacy and get some medication; in a good day, I can have an episode and take care of it without anyone knowing about it. The only downside is, I tend to be very short fused and annoyed at anything that is remotely irritating and sometime for just talking to me. This is a downside I can live with and apologise at the end of the day.

To avoid losing interest in the story, I’ll stop here and save some for another day. If you find this story helpful or interesting do let me know in the comment section. You can also subscribe or follow us for stories like this or health discussions that may be beneficial or interesting to you.

Thanks for your time! – see you around (in the comments).

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