Who am I | Identity

on a sunny breezy easy day this summer, a walk in the park is totally ideal and not uncommon for me. Little did I know I was going to be questioning some of my decisions over the past 25 years. While pondering, a lot of the questions surrounded my thoughts, mostly around Identity. This led me to really questioning who I was, however, this is not new to so many people like me. Because, its something we have to answer all the time.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are constantly interacting with others based on our “Identity”. For example, when we go somewhere new or go for a party we always want to meet or know something new about people. This was really tiring for me when I got to the United Kingdom for the first three months. Everyone wants to know who you are, beginning with your name, your country, race, background, religion if its not obvious (like wearing a Hijab), why I was here and if I was going back. Initially I felt really irritated, however, I got comfortable telling people who I am after a while. Don’t take this the wrong way thou, it wasn’t about what I was asked but the fact that I hadn’t intentionally decided to identify who I was daily especially to other people. Also, it wasn’t because I wasn’t proud but because I preferred my privacy.

Life is a Journey, enjoy every bit of it ❤❤❤

Literally, life is a journey and we all are in different phases irrespective of when you were born or who graduated first. First and foremost, we need to realise that we are here for a purpose and connected to everyone else. Please, I know that I am not an expert but based on my personal experience I feel it would help you to be confident in who you are and help others shine there light as well. Also, you become confident of your place in the world and is able to leave your best life as a human being. This is not a one time commitment but something I do daily just like being in a PhD program. The steps I continue to take to build this confidence are;

  1. Remember my Uniqueness: this is literally a lifesaver for me. I always have to remember that no one else in the world would ever be me. All through May to July I had several conversations around this topic including my strategic management and commissioning module 🤣😂. The quote by Marianne Williamson in her book Return to Love is my absolute best. I love love love it and I walk in that understanding always.
  2. Improve daily: yeah this might sound cliche but it absolutely works. If you want to see a better you then you have to understand the power of today. Don’t procrastinate your goals do it daily but be consistent.
  3. Build meaningful relationships: truthfully you can be self-motivated but sometimes you need to have someone believe in you as well. this are people who would remind you of your goals, push you and help you become a better you. You need to light up the room and also feed on the positive energy of others as well. You need to find or build a community that would let you flourish by supporting each others dreams.

PS. I am not there yet but I am not where I used to be, and I hope these 3 simple steps steps would help you become a better human being and live your best life everyday. I love ❤❤❤ you yes you!!!

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