The power of Community

Community a word that describes people with similar beliefs values or shared goals. An African proverb says ” it takes a community to train a child”. Although we continue to learn, during the early formative years of a child we pick up habits based on what influences us. This include our parents, siblings, peers, teachers, music , food and arts. As we grow older we have the freedom of choice, feel the need to be responsible and may choose to drop or pick up new behaviours. Alex Bandura refers to the former form of learning as the social cognitive theory which basically tries to explain how a child learns new behaviours.


During my strategic management and commission module, I came across a theory of leadership called “Ubuntu leadership theory“. This is a theory that resonates with me because of its humanness in caring and sharing. Additionally, it is a way of life common among southern Africans and promotes community, solidarity and sharing and caring. Now that the world has become a global village, it can be used for the good of all humanity. This theory has been used in the work place as well and works perfectly. It might seem almost impossible to achieve, nevertheless, it is possible.

Last summer, I learnt a bitter hard truth and I decided to shell myself from the community. This is because I always have that passion to carry everyone along in a project, unbeknown to me, most people didn’t know so. It made me to rethink every of my action but I remembered a very good friend of mine asked me not to change who I was. I kept that at the back of my mind hoping I find others who were not interested in competing but developing each other. This paid off real good during my post-graduate as I was willing to help others and not expecting anything in return. Also, I wouldn’t have survive in a foreign country without receiving help from others. Through this I have been able to forge some life long friendships that have pushed me to achieve more. After all, a bad experience doesn’t mean the whole world is bad. There are good people everywhere just like bad people.

The power of community is also linked to your own optimism or pessimism. If you bring a positive energy into a room, you are most likely to draw out positive energy out of the people you meet or connect with others with the same energy. Life in entirety, is full of ups and downs ,but, hey we don’t have to be too serious because everyone is going through something. We have the choice and responsibility to face our own struggles and overcome them with the power of our community. They wouldn’t judge us, complain or criticise. Perhaps, for our own good they would always they us how they see us in love and in a manner we won’t be ashamed of.

Beyond my purview I have always had a very ambiguous definition of who my friends were ,but, that has literally changed. Currently, I choose who influence me as a person, however, I give room to all and have remained very friendly and helpful to anyone as i promised my friend. Back to the Ubuntu leadership theory, we have the choice to show humanness, be unselfish in our decisions and make the world a better place for the unborn generation. With these we can make our global village a serene place for mutual development and growth.

Much ❤❤

PS. I never knew I could write a lot in one seating, Keep pushing beyond your limits.

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