Week Starter| the power of today

Beautiful beginnings

We all have one type of music we dance or nod to

Imagine this!

Success is consistent failure without missing a beat

So just dance to the beat because it is a part of life

If you are not failing

then you are not trying

We love success but it doesn’t happen over night

We have to be consistent in what we do daily

I don’t have time

24 hours might not seem enough

However, being consistent in developing ourselves daily is vital

Having a clear specific, measurable , realistic and time bound goal

Daily, weekly, monthly and every year

Helps us to measure our success

No matter who you are there is something you are passionate about

Find it and develop it

Today is all you have

For if tomorrow comes

It is still today

Don’t procastinate

Act now!!!

Much love

Fail forward

PS. I lost my initial post when I wanted to publish, but guess what, I drafted another one. Keep failing forward towards success!!!!

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