Every day is a time to learn, experience and plan. We learned from our mistakes and find a way to fix it, and try again till we achieve that particular goal. Holding on to our failure will do no one any good, but observing it and figuring out where all things went wrong could be valuable in avoiding the same mistake.

Every failure is an experience and so is success. Failure can be mould into several things, it up to us to pick the shape and place it should take. For example, we can mould our failure into a motivational sculpture, whenever we looked or thought about it, we can use that energy to ignite and power through the present obstacle.

A success can also be mould into motivational sculpture too, anytime we look or thought of what we have achieved, we can convert that energy and put it in our next target. For instance, we can look or thought of that success and try to do better than that. In a depressive mood, we can use it as antidepressant and power through our day.

Just because yesterday was a bad day, it doesn’t mean we should dismantle today’s plan because of yesterday’s failure. We can either use few hours of today to fix yesterday’s failure or fix yesterday’s failure after achieving the goal of today.

I don’t know if any of these make sense but in summary – ‘’don’t judge your tomorrow by what happened today, tomorrow is another day, and yesterday has past!’’. Live in the moment, as there is no time traveling machine to fix the past…yet!

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