We have concluded that our health blog post will mainly be focused on Nigeria, while our general health post like the health awareness weeks, and months will be globally. Sometimes we will also blog about other health issues across Africa and the world not just Nigeria, our volunteers now are Nigerians (me included); they don’t have personal takes on other countries, apart from their country. However, if you want to share your story or express your health expertise you can be our guest volunteer (guest post).

Any story or article you sent us, you will receive full credit. At the start, my aim was to deliver my health expertise, viewpoints and everything, solo. But I have so many things on my plate, that’s why I invited my friends to join in. You can also join in if you have health-related experience or qualification and you are interested in volunteering your time and expertise.

Many people have being asking why we don’t post daily. We don’t post daily as we are still student pursuing Masters in various health field. We are swamped with university work, the only free time we have for writing these posts is on the weekends. In few months’ time we will be done with master’s and posts can be daily and maybe twice some days. However, our consultation will continue as usual and now we are on Whats-app too, making it easier for you to chat with us.

We are also introducing monthly health discussion and write-cast (like podcast but in written form). The month health discussion will be on several topics, every month we will pick a health topic and discuss it from professional and personal point of view. The write-cast is like the monthly discussion but with more of personal options and thoughts. The write-cast don’t have actual time post and both things are going to be a long write-up. We will like to know if you will like it to be in multiple parts, like part 1, 2 or maybe three or just one post. Speaking of! The ‘’Mental health in Nigeria, part 2’’ will be posted on Tuesday bear with us.

Also, please bear with us, daily post for now isn’t possible but by September it will be hopefully, or if we get more volunteers – for now, post will be as usual. However, this month is already over, the monthly health discussion will be at the end of every month starting from July. This July topic will be on visual impairment, if you want to participate, send us your write-up before the 22th of July through or through Whats-app. Also, if you want to participate on the write-cast you can send us your write-up through the email or Whats-app too – or join us on our Facebook page and participate live. Please, if you are interested in participating don’t forget to include your name and country in the story/article/essay or on the email/whats-app.

We will be announcing the health discussion topic at the beginning of every month, giving you plenty of time to participate. Thank you for the love and support. You can send any suggestion you have through our social media platforms.

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