Happy Father’s Day!

Photo from Metro News

I’ve no idea it’s Father’s Day today until I log-on to twitter and Facebook where I saw few posts about Father’s Day. The last time I checked, people where going crazy about Mother’s Day, posting pictures of them and their mother, cutting cake and saying a lot of nice things about their mothers. Okay! Don’t get me wrong on this one, mothers are the best even my dad will agree with me on this one, but so are fathers too. Let’s see how long I can go hyping my dad without mentioning mom.

I think my dad is the best out there, he is part of the reason why I’m where I’m right now. He makes me look beyond my life challenges and pursue my dreams – okay seriously! My brain can’t make a sentence without mentioning my mom. My parents are like batman and superman, if you haven’t watch the movie no worries no spoilers, if you removed the fighting scenes, make batman average with a middle-income salary, however leave superman with his flying ability (my mom can fly technically), with a single call and two words (I’m sick) she will be here for the rescue or support – sorry dad! Mom is taking your thunder, but we can agree on this one, she never fall sick when we’re and she is always there to help and take care of us all.

Honestly, I think fathers are the shadows of our mothers because they are always busy (mothers are too, but not as much as fathers), they don’t have time to spend with us because there always trying to provide for the family and reduce the workload of mothers. I have never seen my dad just sitting without thinking or planning on his next move, what can I do to keep my family and relatives happy, how can I reduce the stress of mom (yah! Sometimes he called her mom too). Just like batman and superman, my mom and dad have their individual skills and talent – my mom can cook, my dad can give you food poising, my dad can drive, my mom can make us crash, my mom has fashion sense, my dad find the first easiest and available clothing to wear. They all have their pros and cons and we should appreciate them equally – but moms always have the upper hand.

This is just a freewriting, something that just cross my mind today and how my brain sees Father’s Day. My family don’t celebrate Father’s or Mother’s Day, every day is their day as long as you’re under their roofs.

Happy Father’s Day! to the fathers out there.

Do you celebrate Father’s Day? What do you do on the day? Are you the twitter and Facebook celebration kind of a person? Or do you spend time with your dad on his day together, cut off from this social fiasco? I’ll love to know your thought.

Oh! Sorry for the batman vs superman awful reference.

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