Advise on COVID-19 for people with sickle cell disease

Stay at home! how hard is that? if introverts can do it, you can too. Putting your loved ones with underlying health conditions at risk is selfish. what you can do outside you can do it inside if you’re creative and talented. Follow the rules and this crises will be over quicker and with less lives lost. Stay at home, save lives.

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Patau’s syndrome: What is It?

Today, lets look at a syndrome that affect about 1 in every 5,000 births. Also, 9 out 10 babies with the syndrome dies during their first year and about 1 in 10 babies with less severe form of the syndrome, for example partial or mosaic trisomy 13, live for more than a year. This syndrome is called ‘Patau’s syndrome’ and the risk of having a baby with it increases with the mothers age. So, let’s try and understand it and the factors that lead to it.

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Coronavirus in Nigeria: How ready are we?

Now, Coronavirus is almost in every continent in the world. Today, the Nigerian government reported its first case, in Lagos state. The virus now is a global pandemic even though the World Health Organisation has not publicly said it. This kind of disease or virus is devesting in developing nations, the underprivileged are the ones that always take the hit. For example, Ebola virus is still a big public health issue in the Democratic Republic of Congo. There isn’t much stories about it because it has been contained in that region and its threat to the rest of the world is no more, hence the limited attention. A background about Coronavirus.

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Ubuntu- I am because we are!

I came across the word “Ubuntu” for the first time in my strategic management course as a theory of leadership and it has stuck with me ever since. This is because I resonated with the philosophy of this theory. Ubuntu leadership theory postulates that a leader models the way for others by a commitment to such African values as honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, compassion, empathy, dignity, and respect for others. For further reading please click here.

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